Woman sitting at desk covering eyes in frustration.

How to Manage Sensory Overload at Work

If you are someone who has sensory sensitivities, you may experience sensory overload. This is a reaction that occurs when people become extremely overwhelmed and irritated with sensory factors in their environment. Ultimately, this reaction is unpleasant and difficult to cope with. Additionally, if your workplace is not a sensory-friendly environment, you may find it

Group of people of all ages hold hands up in a circle.

Everyone Included: Be Sensory-Friendly

Do you wonder how to better include everyone? Being sensory-friendly helps achieve that goal. Inclusion and resilient recovery from COVID-19 for sustainable livelihoods, well-being and dignity for all are key priorities of the United Nations Commission for Social Development. The Commission is an advisory body. It is responsible for the social development pillar of global

Sensory-friendly teacher sitting beside student helping with school work.

How to Be a Sensory-Friendly Teacher

As the number of people who experience sensory sensitivities continues to increase, many students are experiencing difficulties in school. A research study, “Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids” by Juliana Bunim (2013), predicted that sensory processing disorders impact up to 16% of school-aged children. Furthermore, children with sensory processing disorders

Teacher sitting with students working on sensory-friendly Valentine's Day craft.

Celebrate a Sensory-Friendly Valentine’s Day in the Classroom  

Are you an educator looking for ideas to support students in your classroom? This blog post is for you! Valentine’s Day classroom celebrations are often filled with candy, cards, and heart-themed activities. Classroom celebrations bring excitement. However, for students with autism, sensory sensitivities, or sensory disorders, Valentine’s Day celebrations can be a confusing and overwhelming

Young person sitting at desk in front of computer making a silly face during sensory-friendly Valentine's Day party..

Host a Sensory Friendly Virtual Valentine’s Day Classroom Party

For many students, holiday celebrations at schools are different with online learning. Many children are navigating school online and remotely. This transition is difficult for students and parents, as well as teachers. Many educators struggle to create a sensory-friendly virtual classroom to accommodate all students’ needs. As a result, many teachers are unaware of the

Children sitting in an audience at a sensory-friendly play.

What Is a Sensory-Friendly Play?

A sensory-friendly play is simply a play that has been adapted to be less overwhelming for the senses. Essentially, it becomes friendly for your audience’s sensory experience. Plays become sensory-friendly by changing things in the theatre and by changing the play itself, if needed. The same play may be adapted differently by different theatres. Likewise,

Black woman with her eyes shut and covering her ears with her hands, sensory sensitive to sound and light

What Does It Mean to be Sensory Sensitive?

Demystifying Sensory Sensitivity: A Guide to Understanding and Creating Inclusive Spaces Have you ever walked into a brightly lit store filled with loud music and felt overwhelmed? Or maybe certain textures on clothing make you itch uncontrollably? If so, you might have experienced a moment of sensory sensitivity. Being sensory sensitive is a natural variation

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