Turtle shaped weighted lap pad.

Everything You Need to Know About Weighted Lap Pads and Blankets   

Have you heard someone say “weighted lap pad”, “weighted lap animal”, or “weighted blankets” and wondered what they were? Children, adults, and seniors all use them. People use them at home, school, and work. In this blog post, you will learn all about weighted lap pads (also known as weighted lap animals) and blankets.    The

Young boy sitting in movie theatre with with his finger over his mouth.

What are Sensory – Friendly Movies?

Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Wonder what that phrase means? Many people do. Maybe you wonder… What: What do sensory-friendly movies mean? A sensory-friendly movie changes your sensory experience.  This happens through what you hear. However, it also happens through what you see.  Although the movie itself does not change.  That is to say,

Young girl sitting in movie theatre leaning on chair.

Sensory Relaxed Performances: How-to and What to Expect

Have you heard the phrase “relaxed performance?”  As a result, are you wondering what that means for a theatre and performers? Maybe you want to offer a relaxed performance and need help.  Many theatre venues wonder what makes a performance relaxed?  On the other hand, you likely also wonder, is a sensory-friendly performance and relaxed

Young Asian person plugging their ears.

Sensory Overload: Is it a Problem in Your Life?

You likely have many unanswered questions about sensory overload. Read on to discover if it is a problem in your life. And find helpful solutions. Sensory overload: A definition You may wonder, how do you explain sensory overload? It happens when the senses are overstimulated or overwhelmed.  You are likely already thinking of your five

Ear Muffs and Reducing Noise for Sensory Sensitivity

Do you experience sensory overload in noisy public places?  Furthermore, do you want to buy noise-cancelling ear muffs to help your child with sensory sensitivity?  According to a research, “Noise and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children: An Exploratory Survey” by Kanakri et al., (2017), noise sensitivity has been found to be an important issue for

Teacher standing in front of students sitting at desks.

Chair Socks, Chair Glides and Tennis Balls for Chairs

Are you trying to decide what type of chair socks, chair glides, or tennis balls for chairs to use in your classroom. Maybe at your workplace?  Do you wonder why teachers put tennis balls on chairs? You might wonder if you should use chair feet covers or tennis balls for chairs in your own home.

Sensory friendly massage clinic.

Attract More Customers: Become Sensory-Friendly

Read a story of a DIY sensory-friendly transformation at a massage therapy practice.  These changes have helped to attract more customers and garnered greater positive reviews from returning customers. Creating a sensory-friendly experience does two important things, it: Sensory-friendly solutions can be no or low cost This is a low-cost example of sensory-friendly changes.  Becoming

Mother and son grocery shopping.

Autism Hour vs. Sensory-Friendly Shopping

Have you heard about autism hour?  Or sensory-friendly shopping times?  Maybe you have seen a store promote a special autism hour?  Alternatively, do shops in your community promote sensory-friendly shopping times?  Or potentially you are curious about what autism hour is. You may be wondering what sensory-friendly shopping times mean and why it is growing

Group of friends eating at a restaurant.

Noise Reduction in Restaurants Is Key to Attracting Seniors

Savvy restauranteurs and coffee shop owners know restaurant noise is a problem and often ask, “How can I make my restaurant quieter?” Restaurants are notoriously noisy. Furthermore, many restaurants don’t realize the potential business that they are losing to hard-of-hearing patrons who, rather than speak up about the noise or ask for accommodations, just stop

Older adult cupping their ear

Deaf and Hard of Hearing With Masks and Barriers

In my family, being deaf and hard of hearing is more common than not.  Now, those with hearing impairment are experiencing new challenges brought on by the Coronavirus. My entire life I have been taught that when speaking to others, I need to face them.  That would ensure they could see my lips and be

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