Young boy wearing home made face shield

Face Masks for Sensory Issues

Is a face mask for a child with autism your challenge?  Or maybe you are looking for a sensory-friendly face mask for sensory issues? One of the greatest gifts our son has given us is the ability to improvise, to think outside the box. Our son is on the Autism Spectrum. He also deals with

Lindsay Hall and young boy sitting on yoga mat.

Managing Sensory Overload with Yoga Poses for Kids

Lindsay Hall is a Certified Yoga Teacher (200 YYT) with additional training in Prenatal Yoga as well as Yoga for the Pelvic Floor. Here, Lindsay tells about the benefits of yoga poses for kids in relation to sensory sensitivities. I love yoga! There, I said it. I don’t really consider myself a true yogi, but I’ve

Black woman reading book holding mug.

The Best Books on Sensory Disorders for Parents

Many parents seek out sensory books for special needs children.  Parents are sometimes looking for sensory books for autism.  And then there are many parents wondering if their child is a ‘sensory kid.”  They are just looking to understand that concept on its own. While there is a link between autism and sensory, many children

You Have Eight Senses Not Five

You are probably surprised to learn that you have eight senses.  Though in truth, you have more than eight senses, nonetheless for today we are just going to stick to eight for the purposes of understanding your brain and body, sensory sensitivity, and sensory overload.

Group of diverse individuals smiling at camera with thumbs up.

Who Has Sensory Sensitivity?

We all have sensory sensitivity to some extent. First, we all have sensory sensitivity.  We are all sensitive to our senses! Second, for some people, this is a problem because they are over or under-sensitive compared to the rest of us.  Third, this extra level of sensory sensitivity includes people of all ages.  Fourth, extra

Young boy with headphones on him.

What is the Meaning of Sensory Friendly?

The meaning of sensory-friendly and your senses. First, know that sensory refers to any single sense.  But it also can refer to any of your eight senses. Second, your senses include what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  However, they also include your sense of movement, balance, and internal body sense.  So, you have more

Young boy and adult playing with sensory friendly toy.

What is Sensory Disorder?

Have you been told your child has a sensory disorder? Maybe a teacher, occupational therapist, psychologist or doctor mentioned it?  It’s scary to know that something is wrong with your child.  It’s frightening to hear words you may have never heard before to describe your child.   Some sensory words described There are a lot of different words

Teacher holding a guitar surrounded by a group of students.

What Does Sensory Autism Mean?

What does sensory autism mean?  Sensory disorder is commonly associated with autism.  But, it is important to know that sensory and autism are not the same thing.  In addition, sensory autism is not a type of autism. This article explains more about sensory and autism.  In particular, how they overlap.  It is important to understand

Turtle shaped weighted lap pad.

What You Need to Know About a Weighted Lap Pad

Have you heard someone say, “weighted lap pad” and wondered what that was?  Weighted lap buddies are being used by children, adults, and seniors. They are also used by people at home, school, and work.  In this blog post you will learn all about weighted lap pads, with answers to the following questions: What is

Young boy sitting in movie theatre with with his finger over his mouth.

What are Sensory Friendly Movies?

Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Maybe you wonder what: do sensory-friendly films mean? is an autism-friendly screening? is a relaxed screening? do sensory screenings mean then? is a sensory-sensitive movie? if they are all the same thing? What are sensory-friendly movies? A sensory-friendly movie changes your sensory experience.  This happens through what you hear. 

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