Why a Quiet Zone Is Important For Your Santa Claus Parade

Planning your Santa Claus Parade? Make your parade sensory-friendly this year to include more families. Being sensory-friendly accommodates many children and adults with hidden disabilities. Furthermore, it makes your parade accessible and inclusive. Ultimately, adding a quiet zone is one of the most important steps you can take to become sensory-friendly.

Many people with sensory sensitivities or who experience sensory overload avoid parades. For instance, any children with sensory disorders or autism are likely to experience sensory differences. Moreover, noise, lights and crowds all contribute to sensory overload. And parades are busy, noisy and bright! However, it is easy to add a quiet zone to your parade route. As a result, you go a long way to offering a sensory-friendly experience for all children to enjoy.  Finally, you help create magical memories at Christmas time for families.

How to offer a sensory-friendly Santa Claus Parade

One of the easiest steps to take for a sensory-friendly Santa Claus parade is adding a quiet zone. For instance, the image below was taken by Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and CEO at her local Santa Claus Parade. It is an example of a quiet zone sign. Furthermore, see how easy it is to share news of the location in this Quiet Zone promotion example.

Quiet zone sign for Santa Claus Parade
 KV Santa Claus Parade Quiet Zone Sign, Quispamsis, New Brunswick. Photo credit: Christel Seeberger

There are simple steps you can take to create a sensory-friendly Santa Claus parade.

  • Create your quiet zone. That designates an area where there is no music, sirens or other noise.
  • Include no flashing lights or strobe lights or bright lights. However, ensure good lighting for safety, though.
  • Orient float participants to the changes.
  • Let the public know with signs.
  • Tell people about the available sensory-friendly changes in advance.
  • Most importantly, download and use a free resource created by Sensory Friendly Solutions, a Sensory Friendly Santa Claus Parade Guide to help you make your parade accessible and inclusive to families.

Sensory Friendly Santa Claus Parade Guide

Sensory Friendly Santa Clause Parade cover

Did you know that adding a quiet zone to your Santa Claus Parade will help children and adults alike enjoy the experience?  In a few easy steps you can make your parade sensory-friendly.

  • Changes floats can make
  • What to tell people
  • How to prepare
  • What a quiet zone means

Finally, are you interested in making other community events sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive to more children and families?

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