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How to Add a Free Listing – It’s Fast and Easy

A free business listing is available on this website for businesses, attractions or events that provide a sensory friendly experience or service.

As an individual have you discovered a terrific sensory friendly experience at an event, place or service provider that isn’t already in the Sensory Friendly Finder?

Did you know you can submit a free listing?  Help other people like you who are looking for sensory friendly in daily life find what is sensory friendly.  Add your discovery to the Sensory Friendly Finder.

Elaine and Jamie Shannon

-Elaine and John Shannon, Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

“We wish the Sensory Friendly Finder had been created 20 years ago!  Travelling and shopping with our family, including our son with autism, was a constant challenge when our children were growing up.  We never knew where we could go out as a family to eat.  Would it be a noisy, crowded restaurant?  Would our son be able to cope?  Would we have to leave our meal half eaten?  We wasted a lot of time and money over the years.  Shopping was always a nightmare too; we couldn’t even go shoe shopping with our son. The Sensory Friendly Finder will help families like ours do things that other families take for granted every day.  We are so proud of our son, who is now studying at university.  But we truly wish there had been something like this to make our lives easier over the years”.

It only takes a few minutes to create the listing. Why not do it now?

There are thousands of parents and people like Elaine and John Shannon who would be thrilled with having resources in the Sensory Friendly Finder to reference when seeking a sensory friendly health care provider, planning their shopping, out-of-town visits, vacations and so much more.

Follow along with the video below and you’ll have a FREE listing ready to go in just a few minutes.

Whether you’re a member or the public or a business owner, anyone can add a free listing.

Anyone Can Add A Free Listing

If you have or know of a sensory friendly business, service, attraction or event we encourage you to share it with others.

It only takes a few minutes to add a Free Listing.

Follow the Step-by-Step Video Instructions

The video on the left demonstrates how to add a free listing to sensoryfriendly.net.

It’s easy and fast.

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