About Sensory Friendly Solutions

Imagine a world where people feel comfortable.

Sensory Friendly Solutions was founded in 2016 by Christel Seeberger.

Christel worked as an occupational therapist for over 25 years. She helped people with sensory sensitivity and people who experienced sensory overload in daily life.  Moreover, Christel has sensory sensitivity herself.  She developed adult-onset hearing loss and now wears hearing aids and uses assistive devices in daily life.  

In an increasingly busy, noisy, bright world, Christel felt she had to solve the problem of sensory sensitivity and sensory overload in a different way.  

Thus, Sensory Friendly Solutions was born.

With our Sensory Friendly Finder, we offer a searchable directory of sensory-friendly experiences invite ratings, and reviews about events, places, products, and services.  Find eBooks written by our founder, occupational therapist, Christel Seeberger, that help children and youth understand their senses and businesses, workplaces, tourism operators offer sensory-friendly experiences.

Why, How and What


We want to help make people comfortable.

The world is increasingly busy, noisy, bright and overwhelming to the senses.  Accordingly, more people are looking for ways to avoid sensory overload.  This includes many people with an invisible disability and sensory sensitivity.  In addition, these hidden disabilities are increasing in prevalence.  Parents, teachers and caregivers look to help children.

Finally, many people simply seek a way of living that is less busy.  Subsequently, they too also seek less noise and less bright in daily life.

Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to embrace this large and growing group of people.  

Workplaces want to include more people.  Public-facing businesses want to be accessible.  Tourism operators and destinations  want to offer sensory-friendly experiences to their customers and clients.  Because they all know that attracts more customers and clients and keeps them coming back!

Many organizations and influencers are helping businesses become sensory-friendly.   Furthermore, we help promote those influencers and we work together with social good partners.  If needed, we step in where we find a gap to help out.


With our founder and CEO’s background as an occupational therapist, providing “just right” guidance is important so that individuals, businesses and organizations can move along their own journey to enjoying sensory-friendly living and offering sensory-friendly experiences. 


At Sensory Friendly Solutions, we started with the Sensory-Friendly Finder that you find on this website.  It is the only repository with an ability to list all the sensory-friendly events, locations, products and services around the world.  With it, we make discovering sensory-friendly living possible.

For instance, are you a business or an organization that already offers a sensory-friendly experience?  Then claim your listing in the Sensory Friendly Finder.

We embrace the large and growing community of people looking for a sensory-friendly living.  For example, did you discover an event, location, product or service that is sensory-friendly? Anyone can add a free listing to the Sensory Friendly Finder.

We have a series of DIY sensory-friendly eBooks in progress for children, parents, businesses and organization alike.

Helpful, free resources are shared all the time on our blog posts.

Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values


Sensory-friendly living made possible.

Help people and businesses discover sensory-friendly possibilities that empowers them with knowledge and understanding to enable positive change.


Enable sensory-friendly experiences around the globe and across environments.


Imagine a world where people feel comfortable.


Simple, lovable, and inspires change.

Social Impact: We support the Sustainable Development Goals

Sensory Friendly Solutions is a social purpose organization. 

We support the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We make discovering and offering sensory-friendly experiences trusted, and easier.

We collaborate for impact with social good partners.

We ensure our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Furthermore, we reduce inequalities.

We foster universal social, economic and political inclusion for people with disability by promoting sensory-friendly practices

Moreover, we enhance sustainable cities and communities.

We promote inclusive and sustainable urbanization by setting sensory-friendly principles with the data, news, resources, and information we gather, create and share. 


Sensory Friendly Solutions, our social impact and good work is often in the news.

Interested in sharing our story?  Reach out!

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