55 plus Travelers: Arriving and Thriving Audio Conference

For tourism, arts and culture.
Deliver exceptional sensory-friendly experiences.
Attract and retain the growing '55 plus' traveler market.

Join the “55 plus Travelers: Arriving and Thriving” Audio Conference — a first of its kind!

Learn as a tourism event, tourist location or travel experience guide, as well as an arts or cultural organization, how and why sensory-friendly changes attract and retain the large (and growing) segment of adult travelers who are 55 and older.

Listen to exclusive audio sessions, for free, with leaders in tourism, arts and culture who know how to make simple sensory-friendly changes that create exceptional experiences. You will also hear from travelers themselves along with the organizations who understand the needs of the 55+ market.

Get the tips and strategies that will make your event, location or experience stand out for mature travelers looking for an experience that is a match for what their senses want and need!

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Conference Lineup

These conference sessions were recorded in 2021, so you will hear references to COVID-19. We know the travel and tourism industry, and the arts and culture sector, were irrevocably impacted by the pandemic. This audio conference is our way of helping travel and tourism businesses, tourist attractions, arts and culture organizations and adults 55-plus return to living, traveling and enjoying daily life.

The content shared in this audio conference is relevant at any time.

Welcome to the 55 plus Travelers: Arriving and Thriving Audio Conference.

Join Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder Christel Seeberger, and guest hosts Sophie Yang and Christopher Basmadjian, occupational therapy students, in this audio conference sessions for tourism, arts and culture.

2 minutes.

headshot of Danielle Timmons and Carol Alderdice

Tours and the Tourism Industry: Danielle Timmons, and Carol Alderdice.

Listen to Danielle Timmons, Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, and Carol Alderdice,  Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick, as they give their expert perspectives on delivering exceptional customer experience to travelers 55+.

64 minutes.

Headshot of Sarah Nemetallah

Music and Concerts: Sarah Nematallah.

Hear Sarah Nematallah share how Xenia Concerts offers high quality music and arts performances in an environment that welcomes everyone.  Sarah walks you through the steps that make the sensory experience a match for the audience.

42 minutes

Headshot of Shelley Ann Morris.

Changes in vision: Shelley Ann Morris.

Learn from the lived experience of Shelley Ann Morris, a traveler with low vision.  As the receptionist/administrator for the Canadian Council of the Blind and the host of the radio show, Welcome to My World, Shelley Ann has person-first advice to create exceptional experiences that include more people.

46 minutes.

Headshot of Laura Caswell

Theatres and Performances: Laura Caswell.

Discover the joy in making a theatre location and its performances accessible and inviting to audiences of all ages from Laura Caswell, Neptune Theatre.  Get tips and ideas that apply to any event or location.

25 minutes.

Headshot of Lynn Leblanc.

Changes in hearing: Lynn Leblanc.

Absorb the extensive expertise of Lynn Leblanc, Executive Director, New Brunswick Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc., as Lynn teaches about the challenges of hearing loss along with the  simple solutions that make communication easier for mature travelers.

56 minutes.

Headshot of Elaine Shannon

Experienced traveler insights: Elaine Shannon.

Be inspired by the travel insights from Elaine Shannon as she shares how she spent her first paycheck on a cross-country trip and has been traveling for over 3 decades since, culminating in her launch of curated experiences for mature travelers at Fundy Vortex Tours.

35 minutes.

Headshot of John and Mona.

Matching tours and travelers: John Simon and Mona Crowley.

Enjoy the conversation with John Simon, Kefi Travel and traveler Mona Crowley who join us for a conversation about delivering travel and tours that are attractive to experienced travelers.  This bonus session also has a special host, broadcaster Trish Hamilton.

40 minutes.

Covers of 4 downloadable resources as pds, organized in a grid.

Bonus Resources For Signing Up.

Not only will you listen to great content, but you  get  instant access to downloadable, digital resources for your business:

  • Sensory Friendly Tourism Checklist: simple things you can do to help your event or location become sensory-friendly and make more people comfortable.
  • Restaurant Guild for Seniors: how a few easy changes restaurants can make are key to ensuring seniors enjoy dining and become regulars.
  • Visual Communication Strategies: a co-constructed guide with audio conference guest Shelley Ann Morris that helps travel, tourism, arts and culture communicate with guests and visitors.
  • Tips for travelers with changes in their vision.  Another co-constructed guide, with the wisdom of audio conference guest Shelley Ann Morris, as a traveler with low vision.

In this conference, you will learn...

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an Audio Conference?

An Audio Conference is our way to give you access to exclusive conversations with arts and culture, travel and tourism leaders, along with travelers aged 55+.

Register for free by submitting your email address. You will then receive instructions on how to access the audio sessions on this website or any podcast player and additional resources to download.

How do I listen to the sessions?

Once you register, you will be automatically directed to a page that contains all the sessions and bonus resources!  You can play and listen on this website, or access the audio sessions on any podcast player.

We will also send the same link with instructions in an email for your reference.

Is there a cost?

None at all! 55 plus Travelers: Arriving and Thriving is free. 

At Sensory Friendly Solutions, we want to help arts and cultural organizations and the the travel and tourism industry hard hit by COVID-19.  

The large and growing group of adults 55-plus love to travel and explore in their communities; locally, regionally, nationally and around the world. 

We want to help travelers return to doing what they enjoy, by helping tourism, arts and culture deliver excellence in their experiences so mature travelers feel comfortable.

What will I get when I sign up?

Each session in the series delivers incredible value to travel and tourism, arts and culture, by teaching why and how to attract adults 55 years and older in making changes to the sensory experience. Create a match for what they want and need when they travel domestically, regionally or internationally.

There is so much exceptional expertise to share, we had to create a bonus session for you. Plus, you will also receive digital handouts with downloadable and printable resources you can use immediately to help guide you even further to make your event or location more attractive to this traveler market.

Your Audio Conference Hosts.

headshot of Christel Seeberger

Christel Seeberger, Founder & CEO of Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Christel previously worked as an occupational therapist for over 25 years before founding Sensory Friendly Solutions to make the world more sensory-friendly for everyone.

As a traveler with hearing loss, she understands how simple changes make a big difference in tourism.

She created this free audio conference to help arts and culture, tourism and travel bounce back after the pandemic and welcome travelers 55 plus with sensory-friendly experiences that are a match for what they want and need.

Sophie Yang, guest host.

Sophie completed her Bachelor’s of Rehabilitation Science in Occupational Therapy in April 2021 and is expected to graduate with a Master’s of Rehabilitation Science in Occupational Therapy degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2022.  

Sophie spent her summer community placement in 2021 at Sensory Friendly Solutions to work on the audio conference with her classmate Christopher, with the goal of discovering the various sensory needs and solutions for adults ages 55plus in travel and tourism. She hopes that this audio conference will increase awareness on how to provide a more sensory-friendly tourism experience for all. 

headshot of Christopher Basmadjian

Christopher Basmadjian, guest host.

Christopher completed his Bachelor’s of Rehabilitation Science in Occupational Therapy in April 2021.  He is expected to graduate with a Master’s of Rehabilitation Science in Occupational Therapy degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2022. 

Christopher spent his summer community placement in 2021 at Sensory Friendly Solutions to work on the audio conference with his classmate, Sophie, with the goal advocating for the needs of this poorly advocated demographic, mature travelers. Christopher described himself as a young and hard-working student, who enjoys learning, sports, and outdoor activities.

About Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Sensory Friendly Solutions was founded in 2016 by CEO Christel Seeberger to make the world more sensory-friendly for everyone.  This audio conference is possible because of the funding support of the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the diligent work of guest hosts and occupational students Sophie and Christopher, as part of their fieldwork placement, and the generosity of our conference session guests who share their expertise in making visitors and travelers welcome. 

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