Get sensory-friendly solutions for businesses, organizations and people.

Understand how to make more people comfortable and feel empowered to be inclusive and accessible by being sensory-friendly.

For Businesses and Organizations.

Get training and kits to offer sensory-friendly locations, events and experiences for your customers and your team;  feel confident that you are improving your impact on accessibility and inclusion.

For People.

Learn about sensory sensitivity and sensory overload; feel informed about how to live a sensory-friendly life.

Online Training

Get sensory-friendly training for you and your team.  Give your team the knowledge and skills to transform your event or location into an accessible, inclusive, sensory-friendly experience for both your staff and your customers.

Receive online training tailored to your industry.


Make people comfortable.  Get the right sensory tools that turn your location or event into a wonderful experience for more people to enjoy.

Get ready-to-use kits that include a how-to-use guide, noise-cancelling earmuffs, fidgets and a carrying bag.  

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Free Resources, Podcasts & More


Access free e-Books, checklists, guides for people, businesses and organizations alike, along with a self-assessment quiz for events and locations to help you make small sensory-friendly changes that have a large impact.

55 plus Travelers: Arriving and Thriving Audio Conference 

Learn as a tourism event, tourist location or travel experience guide, as well as an arts or cultural organization, how and why sensory-friendly changes attract and retain the large (and growing) segment of travelers who are 55 and older in this free audio-conference.

Dentistry Audio Conference

Calling on dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and your teams! Learn why creating a sensory-friendly experience for your patients is a game-changer for your practice in this free audio-conference.

Sensory Friendly Self-Assessment Quiz

Complete our free, short, online quiz, and get an instant report with changes you can make to create a sensory-friendly experience at your event or location. Discover the steps that help you become accessible, inclusive, and sensory-friendly.

Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright: a short documentary

Watch a short documentary that is less than 5 minutes. Learn from people who share their stories of sensory challenges. Then be inspired by the champions in their communities who are offering sensory-friendly experiences.

World’s 1st Sensory Friendly Podcast

Hear from international experts, parents, and people just like you. Listen to leaders who create sensory-friendly solutions for every day living. Download, subscribe and share on all your favorite podcast platforms.


Business Blogs 

Learn the basic steps that teach you how to make your event, location or workplace accessible, inclusive and sensory-friendly for your customers and your team.

Sensory-Friendly 101 Blogs

Understand sensory sensitivity, sensory overload and sensory challenges. Be empowered to create your own sensory-friendly solutions.

Parents, Caregivers, and Educators Blogs 

Create a daily life at home that is a fit for your family’s sensory needs.  Make your classroom and community sensory-friendly for people of all ages with sensory challenges.

Covid19 Blogs 

Get help to overcome challenges of COVID-19 pandemic that have increased the experiences of sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.

Seasonal Blogs 

Discover simple changes that make celebrations, holidays and observances, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Ramadan, Eid and Holi become accessible, inclusive and sensory-friendly for your friends and family at home and school, as well as for customers at your business and people in your community.

Sensory Friendly Solutions is your key to accessibility and inclusion.

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ mission is to make the world more sensory-friendly.  

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