Discover sensory-friendly solutions for daily life.

Are you a parent, caregiver or teacher?

(Businesses, Tourism Operators,  Workplaces, Disability or Social Purpose Organizations keep scrolling down)

Do you want to:

  1. Understand sensory challenges, difficulties and disorders?
  2. Learn ways to help your “sensory” child?
  3. Feel like you have a toolbox of sensory strategies to help in daily life?


Go to Children for help.

You’ll also find sensory-friendly events and locations  that you can visit around the globe in the Sensory Friendly Finder.

Make people comfortable.

Are you a business or an organization?

Do you want to:

  1. Offer better customer experience?
  2. Get more and returning customers?
  3. Improve employee engagement and productivity?


Go to Tourism for retail, restaurant, hospitality and attractions.

Go to Business for healthcare providers and public-facing services.

Go to Work for co-working spaces, offices and working from home.

Disability and social purpose organizations, go to our Social Good Partners to learn more about working together.


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