Our mission: make the world more sensory-friendly. 

Your result:  Easily offer sensory-friendly experiences to your customers and your team in a busy, noisy, bright world.




We are your virtual and online sensory-friendly training providers.

Our goal is to train 1 million businesses and organizations to create experiences that are less busy, less noisy and less bright.

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Help change the world

Want to learn how to easily make an event, location or experience sensory-friendly?

Get online, on demand, membership-based  training that matches your learning needs, and has impact.


Access convenient, online learning 365 days a year, and learn at your own pace.

Complete industry-specific courses, receive all course updates, access new courses as they are added, and get additional BONUS materials.

Attract a growing, underserved market who experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.

Become more accessible and inclusive for your customers and your team.

Demonstrate to your customers and team your commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), justice and accessbility.

#JoinTheMission to #TrainAMillion to offer #LessBusyLessNoisyLessBright sensory-friendly events, locations and experiences.

Our learners experience success on their sensory-friendly journeys!

kristen herrington - A photo of a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair in front of some art.
"I have single-sided deafness and often struggle with loud or crowded environments.

The Sensory Friendly 101 Training not only helped me better understand my own sensory experience and triggers, but will guide me in making my own art shows more accessible to others."
I took Sensory Friendly 101 Training for my business to work toward providing a more accessible service and ended up leaving with more information than I thought I would get.

I hope more businesses use their sensory-friendly solutions so I can look forward to a day where I (and 33% of the population) will feel comfortable going to events and concerts with everyone else.
crystal picard

Why get sensory-friendly trained now? 

At least 33% of people experience sensory differences.

Did you know that up to 33% of the population is more likely to experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload? They are:

  • your customers and clients. 
  • your employees and team members.
  • your family and friends. 
  • you, too?  

Easily learn how to make your event, location or experience accessible and inclusive to 1 in 3 people who want it with our membership-based sensory-friendly training.

3 people illustrated with 1 grey and 2 blue
graphic of a blue iceberg with the words sensory sensitivity and sensory overload are just the tip of the iceberg with the names of many disabilities below the water surface such as ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and so on.

Sensory sensitivity and sensory overload can be experienced by anyone, at any time.

Fact: Many underlying disabilities and simple sensory differences contribute to the increasing demand for sensory-friendly experiences by your customers and your team.

Fact: sensory sensitivity and sensory overload aren’t just experienced by persons with disabilities. They can be experienced by anyone, at any age, at any time.

Solution: Get Sensory Friendly Solutions training, as part of your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts to learn how to create sensory-friendly, and more accessible experiences for your customers and team.

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact for many people. Learn how to make changes, today!

group of multicultural and multiethnic people standing together people of many ages, genders, races, backgrounds and abilities are represented

Our training makes it easy for you to include more people.

#JoinTheMission to make the world more sensory-friendly, #LessBusyLessNoisyLessBright, and the people, businesses and organizations who are already a part of #TrainAMillion, changing the world for the better.

Join the businesses and organizations who trust us:


Sensory Friendly Solutions is a Certified B Corp™.

B Corporation Certification is a designation that a business meets a high standard of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors such as supporting its workers, serving underrepresented populations in the community, sustaining the environment, and creating positive social impact for its customers.

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