Who has sensory-sensitivity?

Who has sensory sensitivity? First, we all have sensory sensitivity.  We are all sensitive to..

What is the meaning of sensory-friendly?

So, what does sensory-friendly mean? First, know that sensory refers to any one or more of you..

Sensory Friendly Movies

Sensory-Friendly Movies Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Maybe you wonder ..

Sensory Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances:  The Basics Have you heard the phrase relaxed performance?  Consequent..

Noise sensitive? Here’s help.

Ear Muffs and Reducing Noise for Sensory Sensitivity Do you experience sensory overload in noi..

Autism Hour vs. Sensory-Friendly Shopping

Have you heard about autism hour?  Or, maybe sensory-friendly shopping times.  You likely hav..

Restaurant Noise in a Post COVID-19 World

  Music in restaurants and restaurant noise have always been considerations for sen..

Deaf and Hard of Hearing During COVID-19

In my family, being deaf and hard of hearing is more common than not.  Now, those with hearing..

Christina Martin: Sensory-Friendly shows online and IRL

      Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin is leading the charge..

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus More and more stores, shops and essential establishme..

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