Restaurant Noise in a Post COVID-19 World

  Music in restaurants and restaurant noise have always been considerations for sen..

Deaf and Hard of Hearing During COVID-19

In my family, being deaf and hard of hearing is more common than not.  Now, those with hearing..

The Importance of Mental Health During COVID-19

    Humanity is in the middle of a global pandemic and there is a developing fo..

Stress, Sensory & Self-Care Routines

Being a first-time mom is a tough job in itself, but trying to maintain a realistic self-care r..

Social Isolation can be Harmful for Sensory Sensitivities

      We knew difficult times were ahead, but no one was prepared for a..

Christina Martin: Sensory-Friendly shows online and IRL

      Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin is leading the charge..

Physical Disabilities and Coping with COVID-19

How can we continue to best accommodate those with physical disabilities and mobility chall..

Sensory Kids After Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal

    'Back to normal' seems so far away. But what resources are in place to h..

Sensory Kids on Lockdown: Indoor Activities For Kids

    Many parents are now "caught between a kid and a workspace".  Now is the t..

Social Distancing for Boomers

Social Distancing for Boomers Practical information to keep our most vulnerable baby boomers a..

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