Easy steps to create a sensory room at church

Does your church need a sensory room? Churches and places of worship are adding sensory rooms ..

Sensory Activities for Autism

Where to Find Sensory Activities for Autism Looking for sensory activities for autism?  W..

The best toys for an autistic child are sensory

What are the Best Toys for an Autistic Child? The best toys for autistic children are sensory ..

Autism and Anxiety: a sensory key

Autism and anxiety are often linked. The Anxiety and Depression Society of America says that 4..

Barriers to healthcare when sensory is a problem

Sensory problems can be one of the barriers to healthcare for people with sensory sensitivity, ..

A Sensory Friendly Birthday Party in 10 Easy Steps

Birthday parties are fun and an endearing part of childhood. However, a birthday party can ..

4-Point Check-up: Manage Sensory Overload and Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Are you looking for four tips on how to deal with holiday stress?  In this blo..

Add a Quiet Zone to your Santa Claus Parade

A Christmas Parade is what I like to call a sensory-rich experience.  That's a term I've coine..

Sensitive Santa Events

Why Sensitive Santa? Wondering why parents search for and choose a Sensitive Santa event for t..

An Inclusive Sensory Friendly Halloween

Are you wondering what a sensory-friendly Halloween means? Parents wonder how to help their ..

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