Sensory Kids After Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal

    'Back to normal' seems so far away. But what resources are in place to h..

Sensory Kids on Lockdown: Indoor Activities For Kids

    Many parents are now "caught between a kid and a workspace".  Now is the t..

Social Distancing for Boomers

Social Distancing for Boomers Practical information to keep our most vulnerable baby boomers a..

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus More and more stores, shops and essential establishme..

Welcoming Neurodiversity at a Public Library

Improving Services for Neurodiverse Children and Teens at Burnaby Public Library. -by Cristina..

Concussion: In One Second Everything Changes

Post-concussion Symptoms Have Changed My Life...Forever A fall down the stairs.  Because I wa..

Sensory-friendly travel: 5 lessons

Sensory-Friendly Travel Does travel always mean sensory overload?  Especially for autism trav..

Being an autism Dad: A fathering autism story

A fathering autism story Being an autism dad As a child, I remember playing in the mud.  A l..

Mental Health for Startups: A Sensory Overload World

[caption id="attachment_4506" align="alignright" width="300"] Joanna, her co-founder and partne..

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  • January 29, 2020

10 Ways to Make a Tourist Attraction Sensory-Friendly

10 Ways to Make your Tourist Attraction or Tourism Event More Sensory-Friendly Being sensory-f..

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